A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

We started the day off with some routine housekeeping. Laundry and setting out a fan to dry the area in the loft where ironically a DampRid had tipped over dampening the cushion. I spotted a bit of mold along the back wall caused by condensation from being in the damp, humid jungle. I got some foaming bleach and cleaned it up. We did some meditation to clear out some negative energy and studied some techniques in a video PJ has been using. The weather was perfect for giving a smelly dog a bath, so we busted out the shampoo and Cali got a good scrubbin’. She doesn’t like the initial wash but she sure gets fired up afterwards. Everyone loves feeling clean and fresh.

Shake it Off!

The sun had made an appearance and it was a nice, warm afternoon so we made our way over to the beach. The super moon not only creates the highest high tides but also delivered us a super low tide this afternoon. The beach was extra broad and open with lots of people out using the hard flat sand to ride their bikes. We worked up a sweat tossing the frisbee around then cooled off by taking our pool toys out into the surf. PJ braved it in a short wetsuit and it was a wetsuit shirt for me. Invigorating to say the least in the chilly northern Florida water. Afterwards we engaged in the zen of shark tooth hunting along the low tide line. In an hour or so, we came up with five between the two of us.

We still had some household chores to take care of so we hurried home before dark and got everything in order. Hot showers and cold salads. Who could ask for more?