Easter Weekend at the Beach

Saturday featured the 12th annual Matt Gray memorial surf contest down at the poles. He was a local artist that got hit by a car back in 2008, I think. Anyway, every year they hold a weekend festival of surf, skateboarding and art competitions with all of the proceeds going to fund art scholarships for talented kids. The poles parking area was packed, but then all of the park is pretty loaded up for the Easter weekend. The wind was a stiff offshore with tiny waves dropping right on the sand. The contestants gave it their best and the atmosphere was mellow and relaxed . Some skilled youngsters made the little waves look good. It was a family affair with an ultra positive vibe. I watched a few heats then made a run for the Publix to get a few items that I had forgotten the other day.

I rode the bike over to the beach in the afternoon and did some swimming, loafing and poking around for treasures along the shoreline. The weather was warm and the day was beautiful. The wind had kicked it up another notch making me a little hesitant to head out on the paddle board. Didn’t want to blow all of the way to France.

Easter dawned a little chilly but clear. It quickly warmed up and turned into a glorious day. The wind was still offshore but maybe a more manageable 10 mph or so. Reminded me of Santa Ana conditions back home. The beach was a zoo. The most people I’ve yet to see here. Even the overflow lots had cars parked in them. I set up my chair and went back to the car for the board and in that short time three families had set up developments with wagons, tents and chairs within ten feet of me. Great day for people watching.

The waves were nonexistent so I paddled out past the inner sand bars and stroked my way down to poles 1.2 miles away. It was a great vantage point to view the crowds and activities on the beach. I passed a few fishermen in boats and wished them a Happy Easter. There were a handful of surfers having a go of it at the poles getting a few short little rides. I turned around and made my way back to boardwalk 12 where I rested in my chair and watched the Easter going ons.

Past the main pavilions

Then Dolphin Plaza

To the poles

I went for a stroll to the north to stretch my legs then came back and watched my beach mates playing bocce ball. An enjoyable day at the beach. Before I got too fried I decided to head back to the RV. I put all of the gear minus the board in the car then went for another paddle down the coast. Caught up with a dolphin heading south and kept pace for a while but soon found myself pretty far out to sea so I headed back in and called it a day.

Chasing down the uncooperative umbrella

Well tired, I went home for some quality time with the pooch. Called family and friends while sitting in the shade of the awning watching the birds and squirrels cavorting in the camp. A sweet holiday. Happy Easter to all

What are you looking at ?!

6 thoughts on “Easter Weekend at the Beach

  1. Wow so alive and colorful like you. Talked to the beautiful Dharma on her birthday u two r a super couple thank you both for all the wonderful sharing of ur lives we all out here appreciate the beauty of ur accomplishments love ya much


  2. Hey what the heck is Steve Campbell doing at the surf contest? 😆those waves would be perfect for me! Really shows some skill in how the surfers are working them. Great visit to RI & thank you for being so amazingly supportive. All pics are so colorful & full of life’s! Not sure who is more Gorgeous…you or the bird you captured on film! Seriously, no contest, it’s You! Very excited to see you tomorrow My Love!


  3. Again, Mike, you outdid yourself with the pics of all the activities, animals, people and your handsome self! I agree with PJ about the Segway on the beach. I guess anything is possible. My favorite picture was the gorgeous bird which I think is a young pyrrhuloxia which is a relative of the cardinal. I cheated and used my Birds of North America book to identify that beauty. I hope I’m right as I now learned a new bird species! It was sad to say, “See you soon”, to PJ today. We love her and will miss her and her words of wisdom. Stay well you three. Love, Meema


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