Another rough night, sporadically up to nurse and walk an ailing pup. We were slow moving early, but we finally got motivated and did a run over to the Planet Fitness in Stuart. It was probably the best gym in the franchise that we have visited in our travels, large facility and spanking new equipment. We put in a couple of hard hours then stopped by Zeke’s Paddle Sports store on the way home to see what they might have to offer as far as another used SUP.

We are really enjoying exploring the various waterways we encounter on our journey. The only drawback has been having to trade off with each other and not being able to share experiences while paddling or packing up some gear and taking off somewhere to hang out together then paddling back. Florida seems to suffer from a real lack of used paddle boards on the market. In San Diego, if you search Craigslist, there’s a fairly good stock of people unloading second hand gear, not so much here in the sunshine state. Leisa at Zeke’s did have some decent sale prices on some new boards, so we got information and checked the Inception brand boards out. PJ picked up a rash guard and a pair of “paddling pants” for minimizing her sun exposure. We then drove back to release the hound and take a nice nap to catch up on a little needed sleep.

Later in the day, PJ and I talked it over and did a little more research on the Internet. I’ve been scouring various websites for the past few weeks educating myself on different SUPs. We kind of need an all arounder since we are doing a lot of flat water paddling and I don’t really anticipate surfing anything bigger than a few feet on the SUP. I’ll probably bust out a regular surfboard for that so the 10’ 6” round pin seemed like a decent compromise to allow us to do both. I compared pricing at different shops in different areas and the only place I could find this board cheaper was in Australia. As much as I’d love to return there again to get the deal, it just doesn’t fit into our travel plans right now. Sooo..we bit the bullet and I drove back over and haggled a little bit and left the shop with us being the proud new owners of an Inception paddle board.

Thanks Leisa, great doing business with y’all

I raced home and collected PJ then we drove a few miles down to an open area on the Indian River (intracoastal waterway) and we put ourselves in and went out and had a blast paddling around the nearshore waters. There was a strong wind wanting to blow us out into the middle of the channel so we had to keep half an eye on the current. We paddled and swam until the sun was low trading off boards and jumping off to cool down in the water every so often. The board is a great addition to the family. I can’t wait to stroke around the clear waters of the Keys seeing what lurks beneath the surface. We returned to the RV, had a light dinner and watched a show on Queen and Adam Lambert on the telly.

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