Road Weary

We sat outside having breakfast and hung around our zen Cape May campsite right up to the one o’clock check out hour. In order to avoid Newark and New York, I plotted a course a little further inland to stay out of the bigger cities. Maybe my strategy didn’t work so well as we encountered two accidents and lots of sitting on the highway waiting. Google Maps would offer alternate routes that would deposit me on tight little lanes winding through residential neighborhoods lined with overhanging trees, parked cars and children playing. After a few of those I just accepted my fate and elected to stay on course. It was around six when we arrived at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation and there was our little spot with our name on it waiting for us.

Goodbye, Cape May!

We were elated to park the RV and take a deep breath. Mahlon Dickerson is set deep among the woods of western New Jersey. It’s a small regional campground that not too many people know about. We had stumbled upon it by chance a couple of years ago as we driving south and enjoyed the quiet and the lushness of the foliage. The only draw back is that it’s kind of dark from the thick canopy as no sun makes it to the forest floor but it is a beautiful little spot for an overnight stay. The best part is the network of trails right outside our door where Cali can run free and do her own thing. Just watch out for the bears! We did a short hike then ate some hummus and cheese before retiring early.

One thought on “Road Weary

  1. Looks like a good spot. Too bad you had a 5 hour drive to get there. I used to hate driving the Jersey Turnpike which was Rich’s preference to “make good time”. I’m glad you can slowly find the alternate routes to head back. Great pic of you two in the woods! Love, Meema


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