Mystic Pizza

Cali and I were up early and took a long hike out in the Jersey woods while PJ caught up on her beauty rest. Cali was animated and inspired to sniff every root, rock and plant. We took the fork to the right to see where it might lead. It only led us deeper into the trees. The mist still hung in the air when we finally got back to the RV. It didn’t take us long to get things packed up and ready and we were soon heading through the back lanes heading for the 287 and the Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson.

Traffic tightened up and there is a stretch of abominable potholes as you arrive on the eastern side of the Hudson. Wilson took a beating but there was no evading or dodging being hemmed in by all of the cars and trucks. I could only slow down so much so Cali just had to grab ahold of her bed and ride it out. There were several accidents bringing things to a crawl, two minor and one that looked pretty bad. And look everyone did. The accident was on the opposite side of the freeway but we still had go 5 mph for about 5 miles so everybody could get in a good gawk.

In the late afternoon, we arrived in Mystic and got the camper set up in the Seaport RV park in Stonington. We’ve been here several times before and it is always a pleasant stop. Cali got to wander loose over by the creek and pond in the back since there aren’t many campers in our area. She was frolicking like a puppy loving the fresh mowed grass and finally being free of the bucking RV.

After a short rest, we made our way into the sweet little Seaport area of Mystic and walked around the bridge and old downtown area. PJ perused the books at the local bookstore and we window shopped the specialty boutiques along Main St. Quite a few tourists were roaming around the streets, sitting outside the ice cream shop and taking pictures off of the bridge.

Our primary objective was going for dinner at Mystic Pizza which we found at the end of the strip where the road starts to climb slowly uphill. The pizza rocked and the staff was a little quirky. We held down a table in the corner and watched the goings on. A good experience and we love the vibe in Mystic. Back to the RV for a quiet night at home.

One thought on “Mystic Pizza

  1. Too bad you had to endure that horrific traffic around the Tappan Zee. But looking at the last few pics made it all worth while. The salad and pizza look yummy and Cali had a good chance to act like a puppy again. See you soon! Love, Meema


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