Ender’s Island

We got the day off to a good start with an AA meeting in Old Stonington at a fire house on a narrow one way street. An interesting group of folks providing us with inspiration to make the most out of each day. Dan suggested we visit the retreat house on Ender’s Island if meditation was our thing. We drove along the waterfront then into an exclusive neighborhood with private road signs everywhere. Made me feel like I was sneaking into some rich guy’s estate. We continued through the narrow tree covered roads until we reached the little causeway that crossed us over onto Ender’s Island.

What a sweet little hidden gem. We parked in the large lot where there were quite a few cars. We figured out as we were roaming the grounds that a men’s AA retreat was going on at the time. We were still unsure if we should be there when a grounds guy came up and asked if we needed help. Instead of running us off, he made us feel welcome and offered up the chapel if we wanted a place for prayer and meditation.

We explored the grounds giving the retreatants a respectful distance. What a piece of heaven this place is. A quiet oasis on a small point of land out in the bay. Bird songs are the predominant sound and the stone walls add a touch of the medieval to the scene. We sat by the prayer walk and got quiet for a while overlooking the gardens.

After a patrol along the stone walls at the water’s edge, we entered the chapel and lit a candle for our loved ones before sitting for a time of contemplation and silence. One or two others came and went quietly doing their own thing. Not wanting to overstay our welcome we left the island after having a quick peek at their tiny beach. A few horseshoe crabs were taking advantage of the romantic atmosphere getting cozy in the shallow sand bottom.

We made a brief stop at the grocer on the way back to Seaport RV then spent a quiet afternoon at camp getting PJ ready to go visit her mom in Rhode Island. At around six, she and Cali piled into the car and left me to fend for myself. I have a men’s retreat that starts tomorrow just a few miles down the road so I’ll be living it up in the RV while the boys are farting it up in the bunkhouse. Just kidding. I’m not sure what the accommodations are going to look like but I’m excited to see the crew and spend a weekend getting spiritually fit.

5 thoughts on “Ender’s Island

  1. Hey, Mike, what a treat to have PJ at our meeting this AM! We talked later and she told us you were hitching up with the guys for the retreat. Good for you! Also heard you were heading to the beach for some water sports. Again, good for you! The pics you sent today were beautiful. Have a great weekend. Love, Meema


  2. Was that spectacular 15′ bush with flowers Hydrangia’s ?????? Even if it’s not, it’s a most beautiful bush.
    Weather is nicer than here….June gloom….but we’ll be ready by September! All is good here, we miss you three….Our love to Mom too!


    1. I think it’s a rhododendron. PJ would know. Miss you guys. Talked to Christine today. Best to everyone 💕


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