Fort Kent

The weather took a slight turn for the worse so we took our time getting the day started. We were moving the RV over to the lawn on the other side of the house to clear the beach area to get it prepped for Martha’s birthday party on Sunday. PJ and I drove the motorhome over to the RV park her Uncle Graydon owns and we used their facilities to dump our waste tanks. It’s on a nice stretch of Mud Lake with a large dock and lots of toys for the visitors. The managers were cool and we had a look around and checked out the campground. It’s up for sale if you want to have your own piece of lakefront paradise in the northernmost corner of Maine.

We returned to Lance and Laura’s where we parked the RV over near the forest on the side of the house. We leveled it up then took a quick drive over to Hebert’s roadside farm stand where we picked up a passel of blueberries to make a short cake for the birthday gig. We grabbed a bunch of new potatoes and a few other vegetables that they had on offer. They have been a favorite in the area for as long as folks can remember. The kid manning the stand was sharp as a tack and kept up a steady dialogue as he packaged up our purchases.

We wanted to take a ride up to Fort Kent so we decided this was as good a time as any so we motored the short distance up there and picked up the few remaining grocery items on Laura’s list. I was on the hunt for a mile 2936 sticker to go with the mile 0 sticker from Key West since this is the far end of highway one that starts in Key West. They also have mile 0 stickers up here since the folks on both ends of the highway feel that it starts with them. We had a look at the fort then found a little shop that had the stickers we wanted. We’ll get them on Wilson as soon as the rain backs off a bit.

Back at the ranch, Lance had picked up a new ATV. We took a quick ride out another set of trails to give it a trial run. It’s a newer model with power steering and a solid suspension. We traded off for a while and it rides like butter over the potholes and ruts. We got home at sunset and gave the quads a washing up so they’ll be ready for action when his sister and her boyfriend arrive for their visit. PJ and Laura cooked up some of the fresh local spuds and we had a light dinner and easy flowing evening.

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