Kickin’ it at Kouchibouguac

Stayed close to home today. We were feeling yesterday’s activity a bit and decided to take it easy and hang around camp. Had breakfast on the mat then PJ shamed me into doing some yoga and a outdoor gym style workout to keep ourselves in traveling shape. It was a nice day featuring mostly blue skies with some occasional clouds.

Lots of lounging and reading throughout the day. Any neighbors close to us had gone their way by the eleven a.m. checkout so I pulled out my flute and practiced under the trees. In the afternoon we went for a bike ride through the camp and down the path along the river for short ways. PJ’s right leg is a little tweaked so no hard cardio today.

Enough pictures already!



I lit a fire and we ate a dinner of vegetables, crackers, hummus, babagonoush and tzaziki in the quiet evening. There are a few other campers down a ways but it’s really peaceful tonight. We sat around the blaze, played guitar, talked and slapped mosquitoes. We packed everything away for tomorrow’s departure and covered anything else up in anticipation of tonight’s thunderstorms. We’ll see how we fare.

2 thoughts on “Kickin’ it at Kouchibouguac

  1. Enjoying your blogs and look forward to each new one to see where you’re heading and what you’re doing in and around camp. Safe travels as you head west. Love you. Meema


  2. Sigh you two r so wonderful to watch sharing all ur colorful love filled adventures big sigh ah lovely lovely so uplifting enjoyable and fun. Keep on keeping on golden ones


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