Getting Some Love from “the Beach”

Lake Lauzon was a little slice of heaven. We were hesitant to leave and spent the morning relaxing out on the dock and at the tables of the patio next door. I sipped tea on the deck then wandered around snapping photos. One of the bolder chipmunks from the scurry that lives beneath the deck came out to give us a looking over while PJ wrote some cards to her loved ones back home sitting under the pavilion to the west.

Sault Ste. Marie is the next destination on our map so we stashed anything loose that might fly around and fired up all ten cylinders of the big Ford motor. More pretty countryside alternating between farm country and forest with occasional glimpses of Lake Huron to our left as we move along.

When it was time for a break, I took a narrow side road that looked like it would bring us to the lake. It did, but after a few twists and turns. We ended up on a sweet little crescent of sandy beach on a bay overlooking the big body of water. There was a rustic painted wooden bench set in the center of the beach. When I went to sit down, I noticed a Tupperware box with “Beach Peeps” written on the lid. I opened it up and there was a diary and a collection of driftwood and other little artifacts that people had left behind in the unexpected time capsule on the shore. I read for a while. It had been set out at the beginning of June by the “beach” itself and wanderers had added their two cents throughout the summer. It was a great read, people from as far away as Germany and New Zealand had stumbled upon this inviting stretch of sand usually weary from a long road day and newly buoyed by finding and enjoying this simple journal. I wrote the beach a note and added a shark tooth to the box.

Travelers needing a break weren’t the only ones who get invigorated by this spot. Something in the air transported Cali back to her puppyhood and she was bursting with energy cavorting down the beach and daring us to chase her. She had a great time running wild on the empty beach. Thanks Beach, for such a wonderful rest stop.

Cali’s a Beach Peep too!

Easy driving the rest of the way into Sault Ste Marie. I had made an appointment for tomorrow at Johnson’s RV to have a look at the little bumps we found in the wallpaper above the headboard. I saw the RV store coming up on the left, so on a whim, I pulled in to see if they could have a look this afternoon. The tech was working on a boat in the back, but took the time to come over and suss out the situation. He grabbed his ladder and checked all of the seams and openings on the outside and ascertained that no water was coming in. He pressed on the wall inside and figures it is just an issue in the glue for the wallpaper from being in the humid conditions in Florida and last year traveling in the cold when a lot of moisture formed inside. So no panic. It is what it is, but no danger of deterioration of Wilson’s wall. I bought some sealants and decided to do some preventative maintenance to keep it that way. The upshot is Wilson’s O.K. and now we don’t have to pack up and drive back over tomorrow.


We pulled into our campground ready for a rest. We got things set up, had a walk around then took a short nap. We are on the end by the communal fire pit and a group of unused tent sites. Not much community for the communal pit, so this area is all ours. We moved a bench under the trees and worked on some art projects and wrote in our gratitude journals. The trees are popping with color and the birds serenaded us as we spent the evening slowing down from the day on the road.

One thought on “Getting Some Love from “the Beach”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful share. I loved seeing Cali in her puppy mode. The “beach peeps” box was a cool thing to find and the country is really getting into its Fall colors. Enjoy! Love, Meema


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