Missoula Meanderings

We’ve spent the last few days hiding out in Missoula taking care of domestic chores. They have a Planet Fitness so we take advantage of that whenever we can. The check valve on the intake line for the fresh water tank is faulty and the water just pours back out once you fill it up. We picked up a new one and I got that installed. The overhead cabinets above the dinette had a couple of screws that had stripped out so I got new ones a size wider and tightened that all back up.

New water intake set up

Frozen surfboards. Not sure of the long term consequences but not many other options

We took the car in for an oil change and a top up of all fluids. It was a drive through oil change station where you sit in the car while they do the work. A first for me. I grabbed new wiper blades and the gas shocks that hold up the hood at a Napa store. That was an afternoon project along with washing off the extreme dirt from driving in the slush and snow.

Monty Missoula, our new road mascot

Alternative transportation

There is a standing wave in the river along the downtown boardwalk. We drove over to check that out and see if it would be worth getting wet. It looked cool but the 40 degree air and frigid water proved to be deterrent enough to keep me on shore. It was a sunny day though and we spotted the farmer’s market down the path along the river.

A summertime picture stolen from the internet. Please don’t sue me

We wandered around for a while checking things out. Don’t let Montana fool you. I had some false notion that things would be less expensive and more countrified than America’s coastal enclaves but everything here is at least if not more costly than similar stuff in Encinitas. I got a Montana grass fed burger for ten bucks and ate it by the wave. PJ’s little empanada was six dollars and only provided a few bites. Yuppies were stocking up on the overpriced veggies, $10 honey & jams and enjoying the warm afternoon as we did too.

Missoula wasn’t anywhere on our original itinerary but it was a pleasant stop to take care of errands and let the weather ahead warm up a bit. Back on the road tomorrow for our alternative route through Thompson Falls up into Canada through the Kootenays.