Okanagan Valley

For some unknown reason, I had a really difficult time separating myself from my blankets this morning. I slept late then just loafed around reading and doing the puzzles from the paper. We got ourselves together and headed into town to catch the noon A.A. meeting. When we finally found it, the meeting turned out to be a woman’s meeting. Three meetings a week in this small town and the midweek one is off limits to this traveler. P.J. went in and I consoled myself with a plate of Pad Thai at the bistro across the street.

We met up again after the meeting and walked around town checking out some shops and grabbing a hot Chai tea at the local coffee house. PJ got a bowl of their organic carrot soup and we sat in the cafe keeping warm for a spell. Out of all the boutiquey tourist shops, PJ favorite is still the hometown Ace Hardware. They had all kinds of mats, Christmas gear and all kinds of odds & ends.

To get the blood moving in the afternoon, we broke out the bikes and went for a ride down the lakeshore to where the road ends at the U.S. border. We bundled up and cruised along the beach startling a few mallards that were strolling along the bike path. We hit the steep hill where the road turned left to parallel the international line and paperboyed our way up the incline to sneak a few grapes from the fully loaded vines at the vineyards.

We admired the views from up on the knoll then raced the bikes down to follow the path back past the RV park and into town. We stopped along the promenade and sat on a bench overlooking the river and reflected on how lucky we are to be able to see the wonders that we have been experiencing along the road.

We continued as far as the fountain where we watched the flocks of geese pass by overhead. The evening was starting to cool off more so we didn’t tarry long. We pumped and weaved our way home and had a quiet evening hanging with the pup.