Wolf Moon at Organ Pipe

Another day of desert driving. We did our morning routine then packed up our bags and did a quick fill up on gas and propane at the Flying J next door. The wind was howling and it was sketchy goings for a while. It was a tough hour and a half on the 8 driving west to east but when we turned south onto 85 at Gila Bend it was easier going down to Aljo, maybe even a boost in mpg with the wind at my back.

Monty Montana has a deep appreciation for the desert landscape, but I think when youre a pile of plastic bones you appreciate just about anything

Cali enjoys a break in Dateland , AZ an oasis in the desert

I gassed up again in Ajo to have as much lower priced Arizona gas on board as I could when crossing the border tomorrow morning. Ajo is a trippy little town. Lots of old hippies and a colorful, laid back vibe. The speed limit drops to 25 so it’s easy to have a look around as you roll through.

Arriving at Gila Bend the change in desert flora started to become noticeable. More Sonoran plant life; big saguaros, palo verdes, chollas and organ pipe cactuses. I pulled into Organ Pipe National monument at 3:30 and got a cool little campsite tucked in among the tall cactus. With my America the Beautiful senior card it was only $10.00 for the night. The sites are concrete slabs with tables, not too close together. A decent place to camp.

I felt a total relaxation come over me here in the beauty of the desert. I grabbed a chair and hiked about a half mile out on the Palo Verde trail and found an empty quiet spot and just sat for the longest time. I FaceTimed PJ to show her the southern Arizona scenery but she wasn’t impressed. Unlike Monty, she doesn’t have much appreciation for the dry country. Towards the end of my meditative time, the only other person I’d seen all day hiked by and said hello before continuing on to the campground. Really quiet out here.

Breaking in the new hiking shoes

The organ pipe cactus that the area is known for

Cali really likes the vibe here, too. She walked and sniffed for quite a distance smelling all of the fresh new scents. An awesome sunset fell below the hills by the old mining operation while the wolf moon slowly rose up behind us in the eastern sky. An amazing painted evening at Twin Peaks.