Chile Rellenos and Open Mikes

There was lots of action on the beach this morning with boats going in and out negotiating the initial shorebreak to get out to calm water. It’s always fun to watch to see if they get through the waves unscathed. I made oatmeal and took it out on the beach and sat eating while a couple of surfers caught a few small waves at the point.

I decided to join them. After paddling down the bay to the south for some exercise, I stroked on back to the main peak and caught a few waves. It was me and one other stand up guy by this point. I picked off a couple of decent little lefts but still have a lot to learn about getting the giant board turned around quickly to a) catch an incoming wave and b) to avoid getting caught trying to turn back around after missing a wave that I’m paddling for. It’ll come in time. I set the SUP aside and did some body boarding in the shorebreak until I was good and tired then it was time to lounge and dry off.

I kicked back on my little deck and finished off “The Memory of Running”, an interesting book by a guy named McLarty. A palmero was running around camp climbing trees to remove loose fronds and gather branches to make a palapa. He was super athletic and shinnied up the trees on his ropes then slid back down like a fireman on a pole. I moved my chair over to avoid being beaned. An inadvertent frond landed on the RV next to me. It was all pretty haphazard as things often are in Mexico. Haphazard but always fun to observe.

The vegetable truck came rolling in and I bought a few things and ordered some of his wife’s famous chile rellenos that he’ll bring by later in the day. I went out for another body surfing session wading through all of the Paraiso residents hanging out on the sand just outside the gate. Fun waves, lots of punch and a little distance to travel before the waves would back off at the deeper trench near the shore. I sat and dried near the gate then went back to wait for my rellenos. They arrived at the same time as the bakery truck. Two for one! I got my rellenos then checked out the offerings from the bakery. Awesome fresh bread, a lot like the loaves that my dad always makes at Christmas time. A got a loaf, a couple of pies and a jar of jamaica jam, made from hibiscus leaves. Sooo good!

The Paraiso roadies were setting up the gear for tonight’s open mike as I jumped on my bicycle for a run into town. Cali’s been going through the dog food so I needed to restock her shelf. Bernal’s was packed with customers and I waited in line filling my grubby little basket with odd items that I really didn’t need as I inched my way forward, pickled chiles in a baggie, home made potato chips, cookies and a small baggie of spice drops. Never shop hungry.

I went home and warmed up a shrimp chile relleno and savored it as musical notes went drifting over my head. Enrique’s wife truly does make the best rellenos in all of Nayarit. I’d never eaten one with shrimp before. Muy rico. I took Cali for a long walk outside of the compound down Universidad Ave. She was super sniffy and had to loiter at every bush or patch of greenery. It was a pleasant evening and nice to wander in the cool breeze after a warm day.

I went back and set my chair near the stage and watched a few acts. Some good, some not so good but everybody having a whole lot of fun. I guess they had about a dozen participants. The standouts for me were a bluegrass duo with a stand up bass (try hauling that around in an RV), a professional sounding quartet with Bryan hitting the cajon, even a mime and a flamenco dancer. I slipped back to the RV before the finish but I could clearly hear Miguel belting out his famous rendition of Yellow Submarine from the patio. Another day in Lo de Marcos.

Sorry for the crappy pictures, the zoom doesn’t seem to go well in low light. Any tips?

4 thoughts on “Chile Rellenos and Open Mikes



  2. Looks like you had a fun day on the water. I can really tell you’re eating well. The pictures and the descriptions of the food are really yummy. Jam made from hibiscus leaves sounds real interesting. Glad you and Cali got to have a nice walk too. Be well. Meema


    1. You can tell by the expanse of my belly or the photos of food? Hibiscus jam is great, the leaves also make an excellent beverage. 🌺


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