Dog Days in Lo de Marcos

A quiet day at El Pequeno Paraiso. Not much going on as I didn’t sleep well the night before and after our usual early morning walk, I fell back asleep until about ten. I relaxed in the quiet under the shade of the awning having breakfast and typing up a post. Did some reading and meditation then headed to the beach for a swim.

I goggled up and swam down past the condos in the middle of the bay then turned around and stroked back past Paraiso to look at fish out on the reef. Afterwards, I sat along the wall reading my book and comparing tropical fish notes with other snorkeling campers. I went for a late lunch at Socio’s, the old tin roof palapa restaurant next door. I ordered up a quesadilla and the plate came with two big quesadillas along with rice, beans, and salad. More than I had bargained for, but I made my way through them but was feeling a definite need for a nap.

Andrew and Cheryl had arrived today after exploring around inland and at beaches further south. I’d last seen them in Santa Cruz, so it was great catching up. They are at Cruz Maria next door. As so often is the case here in Mexico, they showed up here yesterday with an extra dog! Mija. They grew attached to her in Perula where some other gringos had fattened her up. The other gringos went home and they knew if Mija was left behind, she would be in dire straights so what’s a dog loving couple to do? Their other dog, the ever energetic Jax, seems to have adjusted to a new pack member. Seems Mija gets to take over any chewing assignments Jax may have given up on.



I put on the A/C for the first time and Cali and I had a nice snooze in the cold RV. We woke up for the sunset and an evening walk then I rode the bike into town for some tacos. My usual spots weren’t open but I found a little stand on an obscure corner and ate a couple of street tacos before realizing how late it was and racing home to call Rhode Island.

3 thoughts on “Dog Days in Lo de Marcos

  1. 👏👏👏👏🐕🐕🐕🐕!! I love a happy dog story ending! Yippee, celebrating 🥳 your friends who took in a street dog & made her instant family! So enjoy the pics of them playing, especially Cali and her friend 😁😘❤️


  2. Good to hear you hooked up with friends who have a new pup that looks, to me, like Cali. I chuckled when you said you had to put the A/C on, although we did get up to 40 today – WOW! Have a great weekend. Love, Meema


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