Sick Days

Saturday was another of those insomniac nights that for the life of me, I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I was okay Sunday morning to start off. I went to the local English AA meeting in town where there was a lot of friendly faces. Afterwards I met up with our friends from Bucerias at the Cielito Linda Restaurant, one of the new spots on the main drag with nice wooden tables and slightly more upscale ambiance then the usual plastic chair places that dominate the culinary scene in Lo de Marcos. I hadn’t seen Susan in years and our October visit with Bryce and Arlene in White Rock was way too short so it was awesome to have everyone together to see where life has been leading us in the interim. It really felt like I had just seen them all yesterday with how easy the conversation flows.

The food was good and the company was excellent. Bryce may have claimed the tab, but the breakfast was on Sue. Thanks for the meal amigo. They took off for Bucerias and I went to grab a few groceries. I couldn’t resist the chickens on the barbecue when I came out so I took one home. I was pedaling for El Pequeno Paraiso when I came across a pick up truck full of watermelons hawking his produce. I grabbed a small one for 20P then went home to lay down.

I was beginning to feel the cold coming on and a bit of flu like symptoms. I stayed in the RV most of the day just venturing out once or twice to walk the dog and have a look at the beach. And so it went for the next few days. No energy and feeling like a manure pile. I did manage to read a book cover to cover but the errands I had on my busy agenda never got taken care of. May have to stay a few more days.

8 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. Aww, Mike, so sorry you’re feeling unwell. You’re doing the right thing though. Rest, stay hydrated and make some chicken soup from that delicious chicken you bought. Sending healing thoughts your way………..Meema


  2. Ohhh poor Baby. So great 😃 to see our Canadian/Bucerias peeps. They look wonderful. Miss them & miss You & our sweet sandy Cali! Rest well! ❤️💋💋🥰


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