A Simple Day

The cool freshness of Boquete’s morning air was great to wake up to. After sleeping in a bit, we went online to visit with our zoom crew in Rhode Island. It was great to share our latest adventures and keep up with our friends lives. There is an eleven o’clock AA meeting a few kilometers up the hill in Alto Boquete. We finished our breakfast then drove up to catch the meeting.

We met some cool expats and were invited to lunch with a number of the group. Sugar & Spice is a casual restaurant with good food. We ordered at the counter then took up two tables near the patio door. An eclectic group of people. We had good conversation and made some new friends.

For the rest of the afternoon, we did a drive around the hills towards Jaramillo. After passing an occasional finca, we reached the overlook at a hotel/restaurant that has great views of the valley below. We parked in their lot and walked along the palisades checking out their gardens and admiring the landscapes of Boquete.

The Flea Market

2 thoughts on “A Simple Day

  1. Those hills and valleys are lush with greenery!!! It was great to see you today!! Keep coming!! Love you bunches!!! Tutu


  2. Was great seeing you today. Glad you met some friends and enjoyed lunching with them. The countryside there is absolutely gorgeous. Take care. Love you both. Meema


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