A Pause in the Action

We decided to take a rest day and catch up on some chores. We had allowed quite a pile of laundry to accumulate, so we took advantage of the washers here at Woodlands to get all of our clothes washed up. I hung a line from the boat cleat on the RV to the table up above and we hung the things we didn’t want to shrink in the dryer. We took the dogs for a hike in the woods then over to the lake to let them get a swim in. It is very quiet here, a pretty little oasis in the Pennsylvania Wilds.



We did a lot of reading and lounging around and made use of the ultra tidy shower building to clean ourselves up. We plotted our course for the next few legs of the trip that will deliver us to Pete and Carole’s place in Rhode Island. Almost there!

Took another stroll in the woods on the other side of camp. The trees are so thick it was like walking into nightfall entering their canopy. Let the dogs run free and do their thing. We passed back through the campground and then walked around the little lake enjoying the lack of people at this stage of the day. A number of bigger rigs arrived later in the afternoon to rest up and spend the night.

I cooked us up a little dinner and we sat inside eating and talking. A very pleasant, laid back day.




3 thoughts on “A Pause in the Action

  1. Your day sounds great right now. After spending the day trying to clean up, pack and all the good stuff we need to take care of before leaving, we get the news that BA’s computers are down, so far we haven’t been able to verify if we have a flight. So yeah, a day just strolling in the woods sounds pretty sublime.
    Love Sandy and Ray


  2. Sorry about lake LETDOWN. Including the no trespassing sign withe a picture of a gun. WOW! I guess they mean it if you break the rules. But most of the the camp grounds sound nice. Sounds like you are getting close to RI. We can’t wait to see you folks. Love you both Dad


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