Casual Day


Although the morning air was warm, there were clear reminders that fall is just around the corner. Many of the trees in the neighborhood are beginning to turn colors and even more are just quietly dropping their leaves. We rode through the back streets to the meeting at Pilgrim Church. We are getting to know people so it is good to be among friends. On the ride home, we stopped briefly at Warwick Lake and looked at the houses along the waterfront. The sun was burning stronger and the day was growing hot.

img_5650 img_5658

We raced the rest of the way home so that PJ could go out to lunch with her Mom and one of her friends, Jan. Once the ladies were on their way, Pete and I relaxed in the sunroom and read the morning paper.


Nothing of great importance was accomplished today. We took care of some online business, cancelling unneeded credit cards and figuring out how to access our Charles Schwab account. I spend quite a bit of time on the computer hunting for things to do along the way and places to camp near the main roads we will be driving when we continue on from here. No set departure date, but the plan is to head south towards Florida in the next week or so and see what comes our way. Enjoying our time with the family and also feeling the call of the road to get out and explore new territories.

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