Southern Hospitality

The morning had a little chill to it as we took a walk around the campground to see what Bass Lake had to offer. Contrary to the sign by the lake we didn’t see any gators but I did see PJ picking up after some dogs.

The lake was small and the water plants grew thick near the shore. There were other pools of standing water left over from the passing of hurricane Matthew. The owners had lost a number of trees during the storm and the felled timber was scattered around the lake’s edge. The park was full. The British couple that owned the camp told me that many were displaced families and others were workers out here helping clean up the damage.

There was an airstrip just behind the trees and just beyond that, the racetrack. It was nearing 9:00 and a few cars were already firing up their engines. We returned to Lexi and broke camp. We refilled our propane tanks and hit the road. Our first attempt was thwarted as the road the GPS sent us down was flooded out and closed. We returned to I-95 and drove out that way. Seemed like it took forever. Parts of the drive were on two lane highways then we would be sent down some lazy one lane backroad that would bring us out later at another major throughway.

We arrived at Pamela’s cousin’s home in Fort Mill at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Laura gave us a tour of their beautiful home then we all climbed into the RV and headed over to Ann Springs Greenway, a large park with hiking trails where we went for a long walk. There were a number of horses and donkeys in meadows along the path. Along the creek bottom we crossed a swinging bridge then hiked up a trail that brought us out of the trees at the cabin that Billy Graham’s grandfather built. The shadows grew long and bathed the park in that wonderful lighting that evening brings as we returned to the parking lot. Both ladies were lost in conversation and the magic of being together in this beautiful setting.


Billy Graham’s grandfather’s house 1780

We dropped Laura off at her home where she sent us on our way with some salmon filets and a vial of essential oils to keep us calm on our journey. It had been years since PJ had seen her cousin and it was the first time we had met. It was great spending the afternoon together. Thanks for everything, Laura.

We drove a few short miles to the Crown Cove RV park where were lucky enough to get one of the two remaining sites. Lucky to get a site, but not lucky in getting one of these last two. Ours was the size of a postage stamp and the electricity didn’t work. The batteries were fully charged from driving so we are alright. Spent the evening listening to the joyous sound of visiting teenagers blowing off fireworks. Fortunately, the dogs are so tired they haven’t seemed to notice. Time to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s visit with some of Pam’s old friends who live just across the border from here in North Carolina.

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