Red Gate Farms

The poor dogs have picked up a stomach bug and they both had to get up multiple times throughout the night with watery bowels. That combined with a bit of road noise made for a poor night’s sleep and a slow moving morning. PJ stayed in bed while I walked the dogs around the farm. The sun caressed the trees with their long tendrils of Spanish moss and the kids capered around in the goat pen under the watchful eyes of their mothers. The ducks were languidly swimming in the calm water of the pond and bold squirrels stood un afraid as the dogs walked past.

After arranging our reservations with the young gal in the front office, I had a little breakfast while calling mobile RV repair guys and hunting down a new tire for the motorhome. Savannah Tire is this area’s answer to Discount Tire back home. The gentleman on the phone looked up my tire and assured me it would delivered to the shop and ready to install by noon. We disconnected everything and rolled in the slide out and I took it over to them at 1:00pm. They had ordered the wrong tire, one a few sizes too big. After checking with their supplier, they told me to come back later in the afternoon and they could get it hooked up.
Back at camp, I tried to nap for a while and returned to the tire shop at 4:30. It has taken a few iterations of explaining which tires I’d like mounted on which rim. The end game is to hopefully have both new tires (today’s purchase and the spare from yesterday) on the outside rears and one of the older tires as a spare with the proper corresponding valves. It’s already 5:15 as I sit waiting and so far no action. They close at 6:00, so we’ll see.
Cody and Charlie teamed up on mounting the tires and were finished by 6:15. Sorry for the overtime, guys. Feels good to have new rubber and hopefully no more problems for a while. 

The sun was setting by the time I got back to Red Gate Farms. PJ was waiting in her Kelty screen room where she spent the afternoon hanging out. We got our camp reassembled, ate a quick Boca Burger with spinach salad and aimed to catch up on some needed sleep.

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