The eyes have it

Early morning walk

The day started with a leisurely early stroll around the neighborhood.
The Tree of Life

All the world’s a stage

When I was outside the RV last night after returning from the tire shop, I started seeing flashes of light as if from a camera coming from the far right periphery of my vision. At first I thought some camper across the way had some sort of a strobe light, but I soon realized the bright light was coming from inside my head. I went inside and stayed out of the twilight, yet the phenomena continued for about 45 minutes, a flash every few minutes or so. After the sensation of seeing lights faded, I had a huge floater covering about a quarter of my right eye moving around in circles like a big black branch rolling in a lake. I went online and from what I read, it looks like the vitreous gel in my eye is detaching from the retina. It was already dark by then, so I went to bed hoping for the best come daylight.

This morning, my big shadow was still lurking in the right half of the eye. One of the other things the medical sites had warned of was the possibility of a detached retina which requires immediate intervention to avoid long term damage to one’s vision. I found an ophthalmologist in my network and made an appointment at the Georgia Eye Institute. They had an opening at 10:05. That only left me 40 minutes to get there. I pulled up the Lyft app and put in for a ride. 18 minutes later, Charlesetta pulled up in her little car and raced me over to the doctor honking at errant pedestrians along the way.
We needn’t have hurried. An hour after my appointment time, I finally saw the doctor. She dilated the eye and looked at it with a couple of different scopy type instruments. She said she saw a tiny amount of blood that was a concern to her, but that the retina didn’t appear to have any tears or damage. The vitreous must have detached near a tiny blood vessel. Everything should reabsorb and the floater will shrink in size and join the collection of spots and dots that I already have on the back burner of my vision. She suggested following up in several weeks and rushed me out of there wearing a pair of those funky square wrap around sunglasses you might have seen your great aunt Mabel sporting back in the eighties.

Dilation nation

Called for a Lyft home and got Robert, a transplant to Savannah from Minnesota to give me a ride back. PJ was doing yoga in her little screen room and I spent most of the afternoon inside keeping my dilated eye out of the sun. PJ came in and we napped and had a low key day. Cali still has an intestinal bug and has to go outside often. On one of our outings, I met the neighbor Luther next door and talked Florida surfing for a bit.

Portable yoga studio

Around sunset, Pam and I took the dogs for a long walk around the property. There is a wedding going on down at the red barn area with lots of well dressed people wandering the grounds. We were sitting on a swing when PJ noticed that the smallest kid from the goat corral had gotten out. She picked him up and set him back in with his mother. All’s well in goat world. We walked down at the pond and Koda couldn’t resist wading in. I wasn’t feeling so hot so we went back to Lexi and stayed in. People have been pulling in all day and the campground is full. Hopefully things will look (see) better tomorrow and we can finally go tour around the historic downtown. Another early night.

Escape artist

Looking for gators

6 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. What a scare. Good thing you had it looked at fast. Hope it goes away soon and stays away.
    Love “travelling” with you guys so happy trails and take care. 🙂


  2. Wow you two r tough glad all is well. u 2 make good decisions all wanting u well love ya and oh Im the auntie and didn’t wear those glassesLOL


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