Strolling through Savannah

Another noisy night at the farm. Train cars clanking and slamming, highway traffic, and at around 4:30am, a mosquito spraying truck with a fogger that sounds like a mufflerless motorcycle. We fell back to sleep and arose at nine and did our morning walk around the grounds. After a quick shower, we hailed a Lyft and rode with a local lady downtown to catch a noon AA meeting near Forsyth Park. Excellent meeting with an interesting cast of characters. It was one of those meetings where you go around the circle and everyone gets to share.

Afterwards, we walked through the park and checked out the scene. Lots of young people playing sports on the huge grassy fields. It appeared to be a form of frisbee soccer. For something so seemingly goofy, the college aged practitioners were surprisingly athletic and focused. Another group was playing a game with an extra long oblong ball that they would throw at a goal. I tried to find it online and couldn’t.

Lots of interesting statues, colorful characters and beautiful old trees. Unfortunately some didn’t survive the hurricane and were being chopped up and removed. Savannah is set up with squares, small parks, every few blocks. Some are more ornate than others but all have benches and shade where they are placed between rows of classic Victorian houses. 

I was hungry and we were talking about finding somewhere to eat when an older gentleman walking a large poodle overheard us and asked if he could help. Gary pointed us down the road a few blocks to a building from the 1800s that had been the same restaurant since 1933. The Crystal Beer Parlor, an unusual sounding place to go to after an AA meeting, but we took his advice and had a great lunch with a cool, old school ambiance.

The dogs had been caged inside the RV for close to five hours, so we decided it would be prudent to head back and let them out. We walked down E. Harris St. and checked out the big Episcopalian Church at the Madison Square. Put in for a Lyft and in just a few minutes, Byron pulled up to give us a ride home.

Walked the dogs and read books. Not too hungry after our big lunch. Had leftovers and took it easy.


6 thoughts on “Strolling through Savannah

  1. Lovely Savannah, but a word to the wise: When the signs say snakes and alligators….be very careful of toes and dogs……they are not kidding. I lived in the south (Pensacola Fla) for a year….dogs / cats suddenly disappeared near water traps on the golf course. Snakes were water moccasins, copper heads, and now FLA has pythons…………..
    Glad your eye was not a detaching retina!!! Aren’t those floaters a kick!
    Love you guys!


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