Travel Day

Yesterday, we bought some drops to help clear up my ears. The left ear keeps clogging shut and leaving me without hearing. We washed it out it and it seems somewhat better. Reset the tire pressure to a lower psi hoping to avoid another blowout. The coach asks for 65 psi in the back and 60 psi in front. It just seems too low and the ride feels squishy and rather boat like. I settled on 68. That gives them a 12 psi cushion as they heat up and the pressure rises.

The ride felt O.K. Drove through the rest of Georgia and entered Florida at Jacksonville. Traffic thickened up going through the city and it was stop and go in places. We made a stop for provisions at a Wynn-Dixie just outside of St. Augustine. Most expensive groceries I’ve seen in a while. Lots of homeless camped around the parking lot. Not exactly what I had pictured.


Here’s one for Sandy

The day stayed overcast which made for good driving. We drove on to the RV “resort” and paid way too much for a camping spot. Fair facilities, but lots of full timers and the place has obviously seen better days. The beach is just a few blocks down the street, but the sun was nearly down so we didn’t go. Unless the beach is spectacular or I come upon the fountain of youth, this is definitely a one night stand. PJ tackled our built up laundry collection while I made a bite to eat and basically bludged around.

A guy with a way too long RV, probably the longest 5th wheel I’ve seen, got himself stuck in the entry gate blocking access for everybody. A crowd had gathered as this appears to be the only source of entertainment for the evening. Feeling super tired. Hopefully, it will be a quiet night.

One thought on “Travel Day

  1. Understand ear problems, mine usually involve plugged hearing aids or dead batteries. Maybe next week we can get back to wanting to hear more. XOXO R&S


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