Down Home in Beaumont

While we were tempted to sleep in and enjoy the comfort of an adult size bed, we wanted to get out in the world and see what the day had to offer. PJ got up and joined Sharissa going to her yoga class in town. I brewed up a cup of tea, then Chuck and I took the four dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood. Lots of good conversation and the dogs are looking more comfortable with each other on every excursion together. 

Sammy looking skeptical

Lulu taking it easy

When we got back to the house, we decided to knock another item off of my to do list so we took Lexi down to the local lube & tune joint and had the oil changed and all of the fluids checked and topped up. We took Koda and Cali along for the ride and the two of them relaxed in the RV while the mechanics were doing their thing. We pulled right into an open service bay and the crew jumped right on it. We were in and out in twenty minutes and headed back to the house to relax with the wives around the pool. PJ really enjoyed the Yoga session. Both the instructor and the ladies in the group made it an awesome start to their day.

We had a bit of lunch then Chuck drove me over to the Eye Centers of Southeast Texas where the doctor did a thorough exam of both eyes as a follow up to the vitreous detachment that occurred back in Georgia. They put drops in my eyes to check for pressure then another set of drops to dilate the pupils. The doctor had some cool sci-fi virtual reality helmet thing that allowed him to look into the eye with a lighted camera on the end of a cable. He blinded my already sore eyes by shining bright lights into the retina from all different angles to have a good look to make sure everything was doing well. No blood, no retinal damage. Everything is as good as it can be. The residual cloudiness and floaters should ease up over time, so best to go about my business and give it no further worry.

I’ve been needing a new set of sneakers, so we went over to a large sporting goods store where I picked up a pair of Asics and some Spy sunglasses that were on sale to replace the Smith’s I lost and to use now instead of the goofy plastic shades they gave me at the eye institute to protect my dilated and bone dry eyes. Much appreciation to Chuck for driving me around and waiting at the doctors while I was being checked out.

New shades, new shoes, Stylin’ in Beaumont

I had developed a pretty good headache from all of the manipulation at the ophthalmologists office, so I slid up stairs and closed my eyes for a while. Napped a bit, then posted a few swamp pictures from yesterday’s boat ride.
On Monday night’s, the Carrabba’s Italian restaurant presents their Amore Monday specials so Chuck and Sharissa loaded us up in the pick up truck (no not in the back, it’s a dual cab) and we drove on over to enjoy an amazing Italian dinner. Dining out with these two is like going out with the mayor. They know everybody in town and people keep swinging by the table to say their hellos. Our waitress Ynez, aka Betty, is the artist who painted the mandala artwork that is hanging in Chuck and Sharissa’s kitchen. They are great friends and she is a really sweet spirit, the kind of person you feel you’ve known a long time even though you’ve just met. 

Amore Mondays, doesn’t get any better than this
Ynez, bringing joy to the table

We shared some appetizers, then had a fantastic meal with non stop conversation on a broad array of topics. Time flew past and the parking lot was empty by the time we left the restaurant. Thanks again, Sharissa and Chuck for an unreal dinner and fantastic company. 
Back at the house, it was a good time for a late night walk as much for ourselves as for the dogs. We wandered around the neighborhood for a while then came home and hit the hay.

2 thoughts on “Down Home in Beaumont

  1. wow beautiful place people food atmosphere house u won the love lottery what a great share even loved their dogs oh love you two toooo


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