Port Aransas Beach

I had thought to take a walk to the beach after seeing on the map that it is only a few blocks away. The guys in the office told me to access the beach, I would have to walk down to the light and go down that street. When I hit the sidewalk, I needed binoculars to even see the stoplight miles away in the distance. I retreated to the RV deciding that the bike would be a more appropriate means of transport.

PJ was finishing up some phone calls to friends at home, so I waited until she was ready and rode our bikes down to the Piper access road and hit the strand along the Port Aransas beachfront. The beach is large and clean and although it is Sunday, the crowds were pretty moderate. The afternoon warmed up nicely and we rode on down to the pier. There were a few locals out surfing on the east side of the pier. There was a gate on the pier where they were charging $2.00 a head to walk on the boards. We declined and rode on the wet sand down to the jetty at the far end of the beach.

We climbed the rocks and walked along the flat concrete path atop the jetty. There were lots of seabirds plying the waterway for fish. A school of dolphin were out feeding in the center of the channel and small sea turtles poked their beaks out of the nearshore water giving us a looking over. 

A young man proudly displayed his catch of the day, a large redfish that he reeled in at the end of the jetty. Another guy to the left hooked a turtle and lifted it out with a big net where he and his friends freed it up and placed it back in the water. Not a pretty situation. 

An ambulance rushed up and took away an older gentleman who had passed out on the rocks. A crowd had gathered as the paramedics were able to get him up and slowly walk off the jetty.

On the way out we stopped by the county park. We cut through their campground and made our way back to the main street. The traffic was light and we drove past empty tourist shops that must see bigger crowds in the summer season. PJ paid a visit to the candy store while I talked to my sister outside. She’s getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with our cousins in Denmark. Have a great trip and my warmest greetings to all.

Back home we let the dogs out and cleaned up around camp a bit. PJ made us a healthy dinner then we finished off the night watching Mexico Life on HGTV.

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