I spent the morning researching the requirements for crossing the dogs back into the U.S. I organized a few things around the house and talked to PJ back in Rhode Island. Things seem to be going okay with her folks. 

Shannon called midday to see if I wanted to join them in Bucerias. I said I’d try to get there to have some lunch then started getting ready. I walked into the plaza and waited a few minutes to see if a bus would pass by. I started walking out towards the highway hoping to maybe see a taxi near Lupitas. A young guy was there in his taxi, so I asked him how much for a ride to Bucerias and he tried to burn me for 600 pesos. Gouge the Gringo. I laughed and walked out to the Oxxo. A luxury bus pulled over to let a guy off but I was too slow getting across the lot to flag him down. I waited for a few minutes for taxi dropping off in Lo de Marcos to come out. Shannon called and said they were already ordering lunch. Resigned, I figured I’d grab a taco de birria at the stand across the street and started walking over. Just then, a San Pancho taxi flagged me down and asked if I needed a ride. I asked the price to Bucerias, 300 pesos. Awesome. I jumped in Luis’s taxi and we had an interesting conversation as we made our way through the jungle into the city.
Shannon’s fish tacos hadn’t even arrived when I sat down at their table by the pool. I ordered up a shrimp salad and we sat around talking while a huge flotilla of kite surfers were jamming en masse across Banderas Bay.

We enjoyed an unhurried lunch sitting in the shade of the palapa being cooled by the strong wind blowing in off of the water. Their room is actually a two bedroom apartment right on the bay. Not a bad little spot.

We took the car down to the Golden Zone in Bucerias and got out and started walking around looking at shops, hotels and restaurants. For a Saturday afternoon things were pretty quiet in town. We walked across the kissing bridge into the older part of town and took a picture by the statue of the diver in the heart of Bucerias. The wind was howling and the ocean was awash in white caps. 

Linda did a bit of shopping in some of the street stalls picking up small souvenirs for loved ones back home. The street stall restaurants near the market stalls were hosting a lively crowd and the vendors were doing their best to entice us into spending money in their stalls. 

We crossed back over the bridge and had a seat in the shade at La Postal where Shannon got his afternoon espresso and we sampled their famous gelato. We walked out on the beach where a couple was tying the knot and walked down the beach access that brought us back out at the car.

It was getting late and the dogs had been locked in the tower like Rapunzel in the fairy tales for way too long. I said my farewell then hoofed it up to the taxi stand and caught a ride home. Jumped out at Mini-super La Plaza and stocked up on dog food before walking the rest of the way home. Tended to the dogs then talked to family back in the Estados Unidos.

2 thoughts on “Bucerias

  1. I like Shannon’s souvenir- the yellow VW van!! Linda & Shannon are too cute together! Glad to see that she was able to untangle her hair after the wind got at it! No wonder all the surfers had their kites out!! Awesome! I miss you tons but happy to see your beautiful smile My Love!


  2. Mike is a excellant guide and knows his way around Nayarit. We had a great time hanging out. Also me and Cali are tight. She is so sweet. Missed you PJ.
    Love Shannon.
    Just so everyone knows Mike has feelings for VW vans.


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