Adios Lo de Marcos

My last day in the quaint little village of Lo de Marcos. Had a relaxed morning sipping tea and watching the colorful birds landing in the trees, picking flowers for their nests and flying back and forth. Woodpeckers, orioles, little yellow birds and frigates over the ocean. Took it all in and imprinted it in my memory.

Finished carrying things down to the RV and got it all stuffed in there. I’m leaving a lot of stuff behind and there’s still no room to move inside. As things came together, I took a few moments to take care of he really important accessories:

The Puerto Vallarta cat

The let go, let God stone

And Jesus needed some new Velcro on his base. Alright, looks like I’m good to go.

After it looked like everything was set, I took the unruly hounds out for a walk into town. We dodged a formidable looking pit bull over by Rodrigo’s fish shop. The owner came out and gave it a quick patada and sent it running inside the house. We continued on to the mini-super at the plaza and I loaded up on the little envelopes of dog food that the girls like. I also bought a few road snacks and caffeinated beverages for the ride tomorrow.

The plaza had a moderate crowd of locals hanging out for the evening. The taco stands were just setting up at 7:30. The tradition is kind of a bummer for me because I like to eat a bit earlier and things don’t get to cooking until around 8:00, heartburn time for me if I dine on jalapeños too late. As I was passing Carolinas Restaurant across from the kindergarten, they were open and in need of a customer, so I tied the dogs to a chair and sat down and ordered a burrito de pierna and a sope de pollo. Facetimed PJ while waiting for food. I’ll be heading your way tomorrow! The food came and was so-so. I had a more focused experience of the town sitting there knowing that tomorrow I’ll be putting it in the rearview mirror.

Wrestled the dogs down the dirt road to the house and did a few last minute arrangements then gave Cali her ComboGuard so I can remain flea free. A little anxious to get rolling. Good bye Lo de Marcos, it’s been a good ride.

6 thoughts on “Adios Lo de Marcos

  1. We are all waiting for u and the girls wanting an easy trip from there to here we love and miss you. Take good care safest of journeys and fly with our love


  2. So grateful to the people and the beauty of nature in Lo de Marcos. It truly was a warm embrace & a wonderful place to begin our transition of traveling in other countries. Blessings of Joy and Peace to all!


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