The Days Fly By

We spent the week taking care of business. Doctor visits, dental appts., preparing the RV and putting stuff into storage and pulling some stuff out. Tuesday, PJ was off getting her teeth looked at. I took the RV over to Fast Automotive to get the smog certificate. Lexi passed with flying colors. When PJ came back we added her onto my Mission Federal account, then registered the RV at the AAA office across the parking lot then drove into Escondido to pick up some parts for the RV – a new sun visor and door handle. Dawn came along so we could stop by and see her new apartment which is over near the Chevy dealership. Pretty cool little pad in an all senior complex. Each unit has a small patio area and hedges in front. Her new home should be ready for moving in about mid June.

Checking in at the doctor’s office

Wednesday, I washed and serviced the bicycles while PJ reorganized the motorhome. In the evening, I went and met my friend Shannon over at the Souplantation for dinner. It was good seeing him after his visit to Mexico to see us.



Today, we were up early and headed out to Encinitas for some more dental work for PJ. I dropped her at the dentist then parked the car at George’s and went for a long walk on the beach. June gloom is never ending. The poor California beach goers haven’t seen a lick of sun for months. It was nice being out in the ocean air and checking out the people wandering the beach.

Picked PJ up and headed over to the storage unit. Lots of climbing around digging through boxes looking for a few things we want to take along. Found a few of them and will have to buy a few others. I can definitely say that a visit to StorQuest isn’t a highlight of my day. We made a quick stop at Pure Burger and had an expensive but tasty burger for lunch.

“Oh, my God”

PJ dropped me at the house then took off for her dermatologist appointment. I joined my Dad, Sandy and Dawn for a shopping outing. Costco, Walmart and WinnCo. Bought groceries for the road and a few bits of hardware and windshield wiper blades for both the RV and the Honda. I was cleaning out the RV refrigerator when PJ got back and we immediately headed off again to pay a visit with her sister at the campground at Guajome park. She’s been camping in her new Airstream for the week. We had a chance to see the new rig and relax for a few hours catching up on things. Nice visit and too soon, it was time to head back to San Marcos.

PJ and I worked on getting prepared for the road while Dad and Sandy cooked up a steak and corn on the cob dinner. After dinner, my sister Mette and nephew Brendan came by to say goodbye and hang out for a bit. We were up late doing lat minute things to tie up loose ends. On the road tomorrow.

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