From the Pines to the Plains

Left Tiger Run around 9:30. We heard a loud pop as we were pulling out of the compound and thought we had blown a tire. Everything was okay and we were a little puzzled. We had used the hot water for the first time in a long time and it was left on, so the pilot might have blown out then reignited with a bit of a bang. Don’t know. 

We got on the I-70 in Frisco and were faced with another gnarly climb. This went on for maybe 10 miles or more. We pulled off about half way at an open area to rest the engine. Twenty five minutes later, we tackled the final 3 miles. Steep grades, Lexi was straining and doing 30 mph on the hardest part. I was feeling sad. Like a parent who finally realizes that their kid is a wimp. I had such high hopes for the little rig and it just buckles under pressure from any bully hill. We gratefully reached the summit at the Johnson tunnel at 11,158 feet. From there it was mostly downhill with one other significant grade but it was short in comparison.

Beautiful country. We paralleled Clear Creek for much of the drive watching rafters and kayakers braving the rapids. The pines slowly gave way to prairie as we dropped in elevation.

Traffic backed up for a few miles after Silver Plume and was off and on until we neared the junction towards Golden. Midday Sunday was a good time to bypass Denver traffic. We made it through easily and got on the 76 heading towards Nebraska. Once past Denver, it was all plains and mostly flat easy driving. We did a lot of bathroom breaks and dog walks. Stopped for gas in Hudson and bought a sandwich for the road.

It was close to 2:00 when we reached our exit at Sterling, Colorado. We zig zagged through the small town and found ourselves out on open farm roads. Thirteen miles in we approached the sign for the State Park and it said the park was full. We continued up to the gate anyway and the girl said ‘oh, they just haven’t gotten around to flipping the sign yet.’ They had spot for us and we happily parked up.


This is a busy recreation lake with lots of boats and jet skis ripping around. Colorado State Park’s have proven to be well kept with thoughtfully designed spaces. Electric only, but we’d be okay without even that. Showers take quarters, but I guess you can’t have it all. Cleaned ourselves up and ate salads out at our picnic table. PJ did some yoga and I downloaded a few pictures and wrote up this modest post.

Before the sun went down

After…..Prairie Sunset

4 thoughts on “From the Pines to the Plains

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels. Especially in Mexico. I was born in Guadalajara and now live in Des Moines. Looks like you might be passing through our town! You’ve both done a great job blogging about your experience! Safe travels and DSM is worth a visit if you can!


    1. Thanks for traveling along with us, Alejandro. A long way from Guadalajara to Des Moines! We’ll see if we can fit Des Moines into the plan.


  2. CLEVER surfer image! I’m up with Dave & Steph until Wednesday night. Did the Twain Harte gig earlier, today we head down to San Louis Obispo!


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