Further on up the Road

It was a beautiful morning in Rock Creek, Iowa this a.m. I walked the dogs along the lake shore while PJ disassembled the sleeping set up in the RV. Koda was really pulling to have a swim, but I kept her back not wanting wet dog smell the whole ride. They sniffed every bush and tree we passed on the grassy area down by the boat docks.

America sure is a windy country, at least this trip across has been. The arms get tired from the white knuckle grip on the wheel as we are getting buffeted from one lane to another. Convoys of big rigs go blasting by adding to the maelstrom. The corn is laying over on its side and the trees are waving back and forth. It’s been like this since day one, Vegas, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. Does it ever let up?

Des Moines resident Alejandro, who reads the blog, advised me not to leave Iowa without sampling the state delicacy – a breaded tenderloin sandwich. Just outside of Davenport, we stopped at a Love’s truck stop for some two dollar gas and I asked the attendant where to get the best tenderloin. He sent us across the highway to Gramma’s Restaurant. We sat down in the country style diner and ordered up. PJ had fish and salad, but I went all in on the pork tenderloin and fries. Killer sandwich and friendly service. More than I normally eat at lunch time. Hope I stay awake until Starved Rock State Park. Thanks for the tip, Alejandro. Maybe next time through, we won’t be pressed for time and you can join us for a tenderloin.

A couple of more hours found us exiting the interstate near Oglesby and looking for a grocery store. I guess we should have gotten off a few exits earlier because we ended up getting our supplies at the gas station mini-mart. The campground had lots of spots for tonight, but they are fully reserved for the weekend. We grabbed a spot with lots of elbow room and set up for another one night stand. PJ sat out by the picnic table for a long telephone call with her sister and I rode my bike around the park. I had to dodge a medium sized snake on the way to the shower. He was outside the doorway to the bathrooms guarding the entrance. I think it was a northern water snake, but I’m not up to speed on Illinois snakes.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi

Thunder showers are coming our way so we battened down the hatches and went inside to relax and eat dinner. Super quiet here at the campground. Just the way I like it ✌️ 

6 thoughts on “Further on up the Road

  1. Great meeting you this morning at Starved Rock. Enjoy the groceries and stay safe. Blessings to you both! Kent and Julie


    1. Great meeting you, too. Had pizza for dinner and nectarines on the road today. Thanks again. God bless


  2. Loved the downward dog!!!! Perfect alignment Koda…. This country is soooo beautiful and we are very glad you two are enjoying every inch you can. Is Niagara Falls on the triptik? Probably too crowded as vacation travel is upon us. Enjoy!


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