Say Hello to Wilson

The day started off rainy and cold. We took our time getting our act together then headed over to Arlington RV to do the final paperwork on our new 2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie. We spent a little over an hour getting everything signed and arranging insurance through my AAA agent in California. PJ has dubbed the new rig Wilson so I guess that’s what we’ll call him. PJ headed home to get Pete’s car back while I ran a few errands.

Thursday’s  final walk through before delivery

I pulled in for a quick stop at the auto parts store to get a plastic cover for our paper license plate. On the way over in the rain, I noticed how cheesy the OEM windshield wiper blades were so I upgraded to a deluxe set with a longer reach and solid blades. I broke the bank and filled the 55 gallon gas tank the rest of the way up. Arlington promised a half tank on delivery but they promised a few other things that didn’t quite materialize so it wasn’t a shocker to take 35 gallons to hit the full marker.

I backed him into the driveway and we started hauling stuff out onto the front porch then after the rain petered out, we loaded stuff into the rig and started putting things where we think it’ll work best. Worked hard until late in the evening then spent some time hanging with the folks taking it easy and planning our next move.




2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 27Q, a few feet longer than Lexi with a ton more room. Best of all, a real queen size bed. More photos and details tomorrow! Our sincerest thanks to Pete and Carole for their part in making this happen. Forever grateful.




9 thoughts on “Say Hello to Wilson

      1. Still learning but getting closer to leaving for a few trips before winter. But we are enjoying our driveway camping. Safe and fun travels. I’m sure our cross paths will cross again.


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