Wilson gets his Wings

Another cool fall morning as we set out to visit Nick from Rhode Island Vinyl. We met at his house and he set up the scaffold and got to work positioning the decals on the RV. Interesting guy with a cool gig doing artwork and signs. Maybe we’ll see him out in California one day. Thanks Nick, we really like the way it looks.

Excellent work and we were quickly on our way over to Lowe’s to get some hardware and cables to hook up the little t.v. we have to mount on the wall in the ‘bedroom’. We wandered around in there for a while picking up miscellaneous stuff we needed to get the rig set up. PJ walked over to Subway while I was hooking things up. I was watching t.v. with the generator running when she got back. All systems seem to be working as advertised on Wilson. We shut it all down and lounged at the dinette munching on our sandwiches in the Lowe’s parking lot.

Headed back to Pete and Carole’s and spent the rest of the day and evening loading things up and getting everything organized. I had thought it would be a cakewalk with all of the extra storage space, but it still seems like we have a ton of junk. Called it a night around 8:00 and watched a little football before turning in. Another busy day tomorrow if we’re going to get out the gate on Tuesday morning. The RV has 20 days of temporary registration so we have to get it to California and registered by Nov. 3. The clock is ticking!

9 thoughts on “Wilson gets his Wings

  1. Love the Wings! Good luck on your journey. Mike, it was great to finally meet you! We had a great time at Beth’s with all of you. Great food, fun and family!!


    1. Pretty cool, huh? It was great to finally get to know some of the Maine side of the family. Hope to cross paths again down the road. Best to all


  2. Hi Mike & PJ.
    All I can say is wow. Congratulations on your new memory maker on wheels.
    Great looking coach,
    I just saw you coming down Rt 117.
    That was me waving away. Lol.
    Wasn’t sure if the glow I noticed from far away was your signature decal. Or your faces., anyways hope you guys are doing better than ever. If your ever in Cranston say. Hi would love to see your new coach.
    Stay well. M


      1. Yes for sure all good here.,
        Really happy for you guys.
        Looking forward to seeing more pic.
        While on your journey.
        Enjoy. M


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