Freeze Alerts and Strong Winds

Pretty nondescript driving day. Dallied around camp in no hurry to leave our quiet little haven but the weather a changin’ and it’s time to flee the cold. “Winter is coming, John Snow”. The forecast was filled with freeze warnings and lows in the 20s and 30s.

Farewell Meramec!

PJ’s Nest

We stopped in at the Walmart in Sullivan and replenished our supplies. Picked up a lot of other odds and ends including some deluxe south of the border looking seat covers. No matter how hard I try, Cali can’t seem to figure out that standing on the seats is on the verboten list. We camped out in the parking lot and ate a nice lunch then merged back on the 44 and continued southeast towards Joplin.

There was a KOA right off the highway in Joplin that we figured would do for one night but when we exited, there were panhandlers on every corner and the campground was nestled in between two busy truck stops just feet away from the interstate. We gassed up and kept moving, stopping a little farther down the line in the town of Miami just across the Oklahoma border. Kind of out in the open on a big grass lawn area but quiet enough and safe.

We were a little road weary and snappish. Feeding the dogs is always a big pain in the ass. Cali is bone thin, but getting her to eat is like pulling teeth and PJ gets really agitated. She’s also figured out that we were slipping her meds into cheese balls and now she won’t eat them, so it’s back to the old fashioned push it to the back of the throat method. No fun. We chilled out and ate some salads and watched a few innings of the World Series. The heaters been getting a good trial run so far. I also switched on the tank heaters and ran the water heater all night to avoid anything freezing. Hope to avoid any poosicles 💩. I set up our inside/outside weather station so we could monitor the temperature. Dad and Sandy had given us one that we used in Lexi and we really liked it, so we got the same one for Wilson.

Slept pretty decently then got up to 30 degrees on the thermometer and frost on the ground. I took the pups for a stroll, but Cali was definitely not into the winter wonderland thing.

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