Hanging Out at the Beach

Another drizzly morning with rain coming and going throughout the early part of the day. Cali and I started things off with a long walk down the beach towards the pier. A jovial fisherman with a small bass wriggling on his line gave us a sunny greeting as we passed on by. After a half hour we turned around and retraced our steps.

The day flowed easily with meditation, breakfast and us finally getting around to tackling the laundry pile we had been accumulating over the past week or so. PJ did the lion’s share of the work while I putzed around changing the strings on my guitar and attaching a little stick on pick up so I can use the goofy little amplifier I’ve been carrying along. I secured PJ’s artwork to the wall in the bathroom to keep it from swinging back and forth as we drive. We went for another nice walk in the early afternoon and when we got back PJ realized she had dropped the keys. We went back searching and a group of people treasure hunting with their metal detectors told us that a couple had asked them if they had lost a set of keys. We went up to the parking area by the nearby condos where they had exited and searched all of the hand rails and benches to see if they had been left in an obvious place but no luck. We gave up and walked home and as we were stepping up onto the wooden pathway to our campground, there they were sitting on a post at the entrance. Stoked!

The sun had made an appearance and the late afternoon warmed up nicely. We rolled out the awning and sat outside reading on the front porch. People are starting to trickle in. Tomorrow’s the big day for Thanksgiving arrivals so we’ll see what that brings as far as neighbors and noise levels. The sun was dropping low so we headed back out to the beach and I found a seat on the stairway while PJ and Cali frolicked at the waterline. Families were out walking dogs, fishing and generally taking advantage of the beautiful North Carolina evening. A magnificent sunset topped off the day before falling temperatures sent us back to the RV for dinner and hanging about camp.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Out at the Beach

  1. Beautiful pics of sun, sky, ocean. You both look happy and relaxed. I can’t tell about Cali though. Her expression seems to always be the same. Have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow and know that many of us here are thinking about you and love you. Meema


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