Easy Day on Emerald Isle

The air in Emerald Isle was freezing again this morning. A slow day around the camper. Being our final full day here, we started putting a few things in order. I put new batteries in one of the tire monitors and rolled up and stowed some outdoors mats.The highlight of our day was a trip into Morehead City to attend the Winners and Beginners meeting at the county health dept. building. Crowded meeting with a good mix of people.

My feet have been getting chilled so we stopped on the way home and picked up a pair of slippers to wear when chillin’ (literally) in the RV. Relaxing afternoon at camp. PJ walked into the little town center and did a bit of shopping to get out for a while. She picked me up a scarf to wear walking the pooch at night and a cool shirt from the local surf shop. Early Xmas! Another nice sunset. Did our best to keep warm between taking Cali out for walks and watching tonight’s episode of Survivor.

3 thoughts on “Easy Day on Emerald Isle

  1. Thanks for the call this AM. The meeting was GREAT!! My son, daughter and granddaughter as well as Kim came. You know the feeling that when you take a deep breath and ask God to give you the words? That’s what happened. Beautiful!!!! Travel safely. Love, Meema


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