Seeking Shelter from the Storm

The news has been whipping up the mania of the giant storm heading across the U.S., so being camped in a low lying area on an outer island that has already been trashed by two recent hurricanes, we decided to flee the oncoming peril. After putting everything away, we took Cali out for one last windy stroll on the beautiful beach at Hunting Island. The clouds were looking ominous but no rain as yet.

We booked a spot in an RV park a few hours further south in the small town of Darien, GA. It’s main appeal was that it has paved sites and is on high ground. It was an easy drive, scenic at first then about an hour on I-95. Some traffic passing through Savannah but no major stress just uninteresting freeway driving. The suspension modifications I’ve done really showed their value today. The wind was blowing hard, but it was barely apparent in the handling of the RV. One hand driving, feels like your everyday passenger vehicle. Well, maybe not completely true 😏. We pulled into the Inland Harbor RV Park around two and got set up in our tight little spot. Brenda in the office took good care of us and check in was easy. The sites are close but paved and all grass so a good spot to wait out the thunderstorm. We have no neighbors left or right so that’s cool. So far at 11:00 pm, there’s only been a few sporadic showers. Maybe one of those cases of the news media hyping things up. Tomorrow will tell.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Shelter from the Storm

  1. Glad to see you’re on a paved, higher site. They are close, aren’t they? Am still following you with my atlas and didn’t realize you’re getting closer to FL. Uncle Walter and I went to the cemetery, Denny’s and the Paper Store in Garden City yesterday. It took us 1 hour to buy 18 cards as I had to read each one to him. He’s truly a sentimental man and the wording in each card had to have what he felt in his heart. Many cards were rejected as they didn’t really say what he felt. Amazing, loving man! Hope you can escape the nasty weather and will be rewarded with some sunshine. Love, Meema


  2. Hopefully you’ve only caught the southern fringes of the storm that some of the maps have indicated here! Joel had a flood in his house from that storm. We are dry but certainly don’t need sprinklers for a while. Still working on Christmas decorations (reindeer / sleigh in front), will do some more today.
    Stay warm and safe…dry is optional 🙂


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