Hanna Park Beach Day

Today was a stick around camp beach day. I started out the day riding my bike around the park. I stopped at parking area 11, the closest beach access and checked it out. The sun was out and so were groups of people out to catch some rays on a fine looking Sunday morning. A stand up surfer was trying his best to milk a ride or two out of the mini close outs rolling up onto the sand.

I rode on down to the far end of the park, maybe a mile at most, to see what kind of activity was going on at the ‘Poles’. It was quite crowded with clean small waves breaking in front of the pilings that stick out of the water in front of the walkway. Lots of tow headed kids, surfer girls and old guys mixed in with the hard core locals. I watched for a while then pedaled on back to camp to see how the girls were doing.

We packed up some sandwiches, wetsuits and chairs then rode the bikes over to walkway 11 to see about body surfing a wave or two. I had thought I’d stowed a spring suit on board but could only find a wetsuit shirt. We decided to go for it even though the water was hovering around sixty just about matching the outside temps. We waited until the sun made a brief appearance from behind the clouds then we picked a spot dodging the fishermen and dived into the chilly waters to catch a couple of small shore pounders. I used my pool kick board as a hand plane and had some fun snappy little rides. We didn’t last too long before we got out to warm up in the sun and eat our lunch on the sand. It was a nice afternoon watching people and enjoying being outside.

Back at camp, it was the usual dog walking, dinner making and some cleaning up. PJ hung her Xmas shells that she has been working on along with some other decorations on the palmettos in front of the campsite. I watched a little football and warmed my chilly feet. At around 8:00, we took Cali out for a walk and I grabbed our bag of trash to toss in the dumpster. They have the dumpsters with a sliding door on the side for tossing in your trash. When I opened up the door to deposit my bag, a raccoon that had been trapped inside came barreling out. Almost collided with my incoming bag of refuse. We had a good laugh before finishing our night time stroll.

2 thoughts on “Hanna Park Beach Day

  1. What a nice day you had! We were rainy and in the 30s. It was cool to see you in the water and PJ, you are quite the artistic little camper. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Meema


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