Heading West

Cali was still hurting this morning and needing a little extra care. She had a hard time being still and had us out walking several times in the wee hours. PJ was out before the sun wandering around on the dewey grass watching the purple sky. We caught a few more zzz’s then got the camp ready to roll. Our destination today is a one night stand at a little rural RV Park half way to the national park on the way towards Quebec.

The inglorious side of RVing they don’t tell you about at the dealer

It was an easy drive. We had to back track almost to Dartmouth to get turned west again towards Truro. I saw the road sign for the Mi’kmaw heritage center in Millbrook so we exited and parked up in the side lot and went in to have a look. We wandered around and asked a few questions before buying a couple of books to learn more about the culture.

Elm River campground was about what I expected. Wall to wall RVs with tons of kids running around for the Labor Day weekend. It looks a parking lot or an RV sales store with various models lined up side by side. The atmosphere was festive and the kids were really having a blast. The Elm River is really a stream about 20 meters across and only about a foot deep. No opportunity for paddling here. Neil, the guy running the camp, led us to our spot and got us set up. He liked the ‘keep it simple’ sticker on the RV. They are having a corn and hot dog boil this evening and everyone is invited.

Elm River

Washer tossing competition. Bring your A game!

We got comfortable then I walked over to the small building where they have internet. Don’t believe Verizon when they tout their North America plan. You will be SOL when you get to Canada. I was sitting the little library/ book exchange when a group of obnoxious kids came in making it hard to work being extra loud trying impress each other. I hastily got the pictures in and posted a typo filled entry for PJ’s genealogy day then joined PJ for a short rest.

Not one to miss out on a free meal, I coerced PJ into going over to the hoe down. This area is pretty rural and the campers seem to all be locals from here in Nova Scotia. It has kind of like Missouri or Arkansas vibe. Guys in camo with ATVs, kids racing remote cars around the grass and loud country music wafting in from here and there. We joined the line picking up our plates of corn and dogs then said hello to Neil before walking back home to eat on the front porch. I confiscated PJs hot dog while she put together a veggie burger then we sat around our fire and relaxed into the evening practicing our social skills having conversations with some of the people strolling past our fire pit. We embraced the crowded one big family aura of the place and a fun Labor Day celebration.

Neil, host with the most

Corn and hot dog boils, New Brunswick at its best

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