Gray Days

We woke to a cold, gray morning as the remnants of hurricane Dorian were beginning to hit Atlantic Canada. There were warnings out for Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick, especially those areas near the Bay of Fundy. Eastbound travelers were hunkering down here waiting for it to pass before continuing on to their destinations. We were slow moving today and were late leaving Restigouche RV but no one seemed to care much.

We stopped for gas at a large visitor center on a First Nation reservation. It was tight fitting in the pumps so afterwards I pulled to the side to get out of the way and walk Cali. Next to the grassy area, there was a car wash and a, what’s this?, a self service dog wash! So our stinky pup got the full treatment and the RV was a better place for it as we resumed our trek down the Canadian highway.

Lots of single lane back country roads where I’d occasionally pull over to let the build up of speeders get by. I go 10 kilometers over the speed limit but still seem to pile up the string of admirers that love to follow the Winnebago with the heart on it. Shortly after entering Quebec, we found a church with ample parking and took a rest and made a bite to eat. Then it was on to our destination in the village of Rivière-du-Loup.

Maybe we’ll spot a French moose, a cloturee

What’s so funny in St. Louis?

As we were squeezing through the narrow lanes of closely parked cars, Cali started making her little alien sounding whiny noises that usually mean a bathroom event is imminent. I pulled to the side in front of a little park so we could have a walk around. Apparently, she just wanted to get out of the RV. It was cool though. It’s a pretty little town with a definite Euro vibe. Fall is in the air, leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. We continued on and got checked in to our cozy spot on the shores of the St. Lawrence seaway as the rain began to fall. This is a one night stand at a municipal park. Not to bad a place. Need to work on the French!

Fall is definitely on the way

St. Lawrence River in the rain

One thought on “Gray Days

  1. A dog wash???? I love it!! You two look like you’re ready for fall/winter with your heavy jackets. Keep sending the beautiful pics. Love, Meema


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