Lévis, no Not the Pants

It was still rainy and misty as we started the day. We did our morning ablutions and hit the road through the small towns and farm country outside of Quebec City. For one of our breaks during the ride, I followed a roadside advertisement to a rustic cheese factory on a little farm off the highway. PJ got depressed because the goats were kept in a large barn and didn’t want anything more to do with the stop. I went in and talked to the gal in the little shop and bought two small chunks of their specialty cheese made on site. Then it was back on the Canada 20 for the rest of the way to Transit Camping in Lévis.

Roc was jolly and outgoing as he led us to our campsite whipping around the park on his golf cart. We got set up then had a chat with the folks from Washington camped across from us. Transit is on the opposite shore of the St. Lawrence River from the old city of Quebec. A ferry leaves every hour from Lévis a few miles down the road. An easy and convenient way to visit Quebec City without having to drive into the center. We were a little testy so a nap seemed like the right course of action. After getting an hour or so rest, we worked up enough ambition to go for a bike ride.

There is a wonderful series of bike trails that lead all around the town of Lévis. We had to cover a mile or two of country road to get to the bike path. The wind was blowing hard and the ride out was tough going. We pedaled through trees and meadows filled with wildflowers until finally reaching the Parc du Martiniere.

We rode around the park and stopped at the lookout tower and had a view of Quebec City and the waterfalls on the far banks of the St. Lawrence. A cruise ship was heading out to the gulf as families walked and rode bicycles in the park. We headed for home with the wind at our backs feeling like we were flying. Spent some time on the Internet getting ideas for Quebec City tomorrow.

Watch for people doing yoga

One thought on “Lévis, no Not the Pants

  1. I love Quebec! I went there with 3 widow friends on a bus tour 2 years ago and we had a ball. Our hotel was spectacular and our 4 days were filled with different tours, meals and activities. Richard and I had been there years ago and we visited many of the same churches, museums and countryside road stands that I did with the ladies. Hope you enjoy it! Love, Meema


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