Cycling Crystal Creek

Cali was up for some exercise this morning and wanted to scout the area surrounding the campground. Who am I to say no when the old girl gets the urge to be active. We went down a leaf covered trail that led to a small meadow where she was able to run off leash. About a half an hour was enough time out for Cali and when it’s time to turn for home she lets you know. It’s like the old mule in the movies that puts on the breaks, digs in the heels and refuses to budge another step forward no matter how much you pull the reins. We returned home where she was content to lay back down and nap away the morning while I did some work online.

Dog in focus?……

Or dandelion in focus?

Thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon, so I figured I’d better get out while the getting was good. At one o’clock, the sun was shining and it was turning into a pleasant day. I unhitched my bike and pedaled down towards the Hiawatha Conservation area where they have a series of mountain bike trails (more intel from my friend that I met up at Chippewa Falls yesterday). When I reached the church by Landslide Road, I stopped to have look. The walls are built from logs salvaged from an 1812 fort they had dismantled somewhere down the St. Mary’s River. I couldn’t find much more information but the construction was interesting to see.

I hit a trail that led down some steep grades to a small pond at the bottom. Of course, what goes down must go back up and I was faced with some crazy steep, sandy climbs on the other side. A few times, the old heavy hybrid wasn’t up to the task and I had to get off and push it up the grade. Or maybe it is the motor that wasn’t up to the task. On the other side I was enveloped by trees intent on showering me with falling leaves as I pedaled through the forest.

There was another side trail to Crystal Creek, so I explored that avenue hoping to come across the falls. I must have missed them, because after an hour or so, I ended up exiting along the trail that passed into Kinsmen Park. A nice area for families visiting for a Saturday afternoon picnic. A wedding was in progress across the trails in a colorful nook amongst the trees.

Outside the park, the roadside consisted mainly of farmland and rural landscapes. A nearby farm advertised their corn maze and cars lined the roadside I’m guessing to get their drivers lost in the maze. I followed the road for a time just to see what was out there. A cemetery, old barns and lots of trees. It was close to two hours by now, so I was ready to roll home and put together a PB&J to refuel.

In the late afternoon, the rain finally appeared. A little later than advertised but with enough force to send us inside for the day. No thunder though just a steady moderate rain. Lazy evening playing with pictures and researching upcoming destinations.

3 thoughts on “Cycling Crystal Creek

      1. Good morning Mike. Great pictures. Looks like
        You and Pj are enjoying your US tour.
        Won’t if you and PJ will make it to Rhody weekend this year? Ok hopefully you’re having the best time ever. Talk soon. M


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