Harmony Beach

The morning was chilly but after walking Cali, I found that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I quietly read the paper and drank tea until PJ woke up then we decided to take advantage of the sunny skies and drive up to Harmony Beach and paddle around the bay.

We arrived shortly after eleven and the surface of the bay was still calm and smooth. We headed north towards the island that is attached by a little causeway to the mainland at Harmony. We circled around and entered the larger bay on the other side. The rainstorms over the last few days seem to have taken some of the color out of the landscape. Trees are dropping their leaves quickly as autumn officially begins.

We were about an hour out when the wind rose and shifted out of the south. We figured we’d better start working back against it before it got any harder. We paddled hard until we rounded the far side of the island into Harmony Bay then we jumped into the cool water for an invigorating jolt. We floated around a bit then headed back to the car. Lake Superior is one of the best places we’ve come across to paddle on the trip. Beautiful scenery, clear clean water and today we spotted bald eagles perched in the trees along the banks.

We drove around the area taking side streets to explore different beaches and neighborhoods. We dodged some repaving work out near the forest and ended up back out on the shores of Lake Superior on the Trans-Canada 17. We drove into Sault Ste Marie and got sandwiches at Subway that we took home and ate next to the big fire pit. The evening was spent tidying up camp and getting things ready for travel tomorrow.

One thought on “Harmony Beach

  1. PJ, good to see you back enjoying Mother Nature’s bounty. The colors are still magnificent. Enjoy your travels tomorrow. Love, Meema


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