Lake Michigan

I’m not sure if it was from drinking the water back in St. Augustine but some days it sure seems like Cali has figured out the formula for the Fountain of Youth. We walked down the beach away from camp this morning when she tore off into the woods then came flying back out like a deer. She did the dare you to chase me type antics then ripped back over to our camp. She was happy to get her day started here on Green Bay. Hundreds of butterflies flew by overhead on their way to Mexico as we strolled home along the sand.

We had some oatmeal and waited for the temperature to rise a bit before launching the SUPs and paddling south into the wind. We cruised for a little over an hour past vacation homes and patches of forest. Our objective was to reach the far point of land that we could see from our camp to see what lay beyond. When we reached the outcrop and turned the corner there was just another point beckoning us to go about the same distance to reach it. We had to decline the invitation to explore and turn around and head for home.

The tailwind really pushed us along. The coastline that took us over an hour to cover going out only required 40 minutes for the return. We continued past our campsite to get a fish’s eye view of the rest of the campground. The day was sunny and as long as we kept out of the shade, it was comfortable for any activity.

We made our way home and fixed some lunch and sat on the beach in our chairs letting the sun warm our bones. PJ made some phone calls and I read a book on the big Hurricane of 1938 that rocked Rhode Island. Cali went in and out of the RV. She’d hang with us for a while then head back in to nap in her bed. I jumped in the chilly water but only lasted a minute before jumping out and wrapping myself up in a towel. It was a totally relaxing way to pass most of the afternoon.

Later in the day, we took our bikes to check out the neighborhood. We cruised the campground then followed Bark River from the boat ramp at the rivermouth by the overflow camp spots then up to the road where it passes under the bridge at the highway. It might be interesting to paddle but it narrows at the bridge and the current moves really fast coming underneath. I don’t think we’d make it much further than just before the overpass then we’d be forced to turn around.

We headed for home where we lit ourselves a fire in the pit to warm our bones. PJ put together salads to dine on alfresco. We nursed the fire along until our wood ran out then we walked down the sandy shore to the clearing where we could see the sunset.

Lots of clouds tonight and not much of a sunset or maybe we were just a little too late. Still a pretty evening though with streaky light and some color pushing through. A thoroughly restful day at the beach. I sometimes forget it’s just a lake, but it is a 300 mile long lake. I told PJ we could paddle on down to Chicago but it might take a few days.

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