Wandering into Wisconsin

Any thoughts of getting in a morning paddle were literally blown out of the water with the gale force winds that arrived overnight. We were awakened by the sound of the paddle boards being blown over at the spot where they were tethered to the side of the RV. Slate gray skies and waving trees greeted us as we packed up the gear and prepared for a long day on the road.

The entire five hours were spent on single lane country roads passing through small villages and townships with names like Watersmeet, Iron River, Crystal Falls and Stickly. The rain fell steadily for most of the drive and the dark, overcast skies did their best to conceal the brilliant colors still adorning the forest along the edge of the highway.

A steady diet of farmland and mixed forest with occasional slowing to briefly traverse a small town of two or three thousand inhabitants. Zero traffic and very few tailgaters with passing lanes every so often to let the speedsters go by. We were on the hunt for propane and after a few failed searches at hardware outlets and gas stations, we found a vendor at a two bit tire store just across the Wisconsin border.

Mike, the owner, was hesitant about getting out of his chair to do the pumping and I almost thought he was going to send me down the road. But, in the end, he filled us up and just in time since tonight is going to be down into the high thirties or low forties. We took Cali down a trail behind his shop to walk along the shores of Lake Superior. We are now back on the far western edge of the lake. Beautiful even with the inclement weather, the lake was a monotone gray.

It was only a few miles further to Memorial Campground. It’s a first come, first serve affair, but there were plenty of spots. We put our cash into an envelope for site #6 and moved on in. We are on a little bluff overlooking the lake. The weather has calmed quite nicely and the sun almost made its way through the clouds. PJ had an online issue she was trying to get straightened out on her iPad then we took a nap to try to shake off this headache that has ridden along with me for the entire drive.

We gained an hour moving west today so the evening lasted longer than normal. We meandered around the park, checking out lake views, hiking down to the water’s edge and walking the campground loop checking out the neighbors. Quiet and peaceful, there are several seasonal campers near us, whose RVs are here but they are at home sitting by their fires. A cozy spot for a one night stop.

One thought on “Wandering into Wisconsin

  1. Sure you were leaning on Cali Girl! Great photo though 🙂 We “SoCal ers/ites” are sure envious of the water….seeing as we are in fire season most of the year now.
    Scenery is spectacular. Spoke to Tommy, they are sure looking forward to your visit and meeting Pam.
    It all means you are closer to home and we love that!


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