Detroit Lakes

The Minnesota cold and drizzle blew straight into my bones with the hard driving wind. We had a rest day spending most of the morning in the warm interior of the RV. I organized some photos while PJ did whatever it is she does on her computer. We sipped coffee and ate a warm breakfast. My tire pressure monitor had given up the ghost back in Maine and would no longer hold a charge. I ordered a refurbished unit from TireMinder and picked it up when we were back in Sault Ste Marie. Today, I finally got around to syncing it up with the transmitters on the tires. I waited for the day to warm up as much as possible since I was unsure how much the 46 degree weather was going to affect the pressure reading. Everything is working like new.

Around midday, we drove the short distance into the Detroit Lakes downtown area and went to an AA meeting at their Alano Club. No one was there at the starting time and we were about to head off when a grizzly old timer in a Trump hat pulled up in his battered pick up. He unlocked the door and we sat at the table talking for a while. Slowly, but surely a few more guys showed up and we were able to have a meeting. Good stuff, always positive to get out there and attend groups in different places and experience the slight variations in style.

Afterwards, we picked up a few groceries then explored the old downtown area. Typical old time downtown with a fifties vibe. We parked by the old theater and walked around a bit not worrying about the groceries warming up in the freezing car. The town beach was just a few blocks down so we drove over there to see the lake.

We parked by the dock and walked out on the short pier. Nobody was about to brave the weather and go outside. The drizzle was light but constant keeping you hopping to keep warm. You could see where this place would be packed and jumping in the summertime but now very few businesses are still open and the main stretch of sandy beach is deserted.

We returned to the RV to have a bite to eat and walk the dog. I found a football game to watch as we kept warm and dry doing little projects and reading in the RV. As night was falling, the thunder started and we had some more severe spates of hard rain and wind. We’ll see how things shape up as we get back to driving in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Detroit Lakes

  1. Bismarck – wow!! You guys are really moving. It was good to hear your voice tonight and I loved the pics of you both all bundled up against the nasty weather. Stay warm and drive safely. Love, Meema


  2. Wow!
    You’re getting early winter nasties on your travels!
    We are too, just different nasties and warmer 😬😳. Looking to become more warm too 😃😈
    Stay safe! XOXOXOXO R & S


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