A day of serious climbing. Leaving Creston, we went directly into the National Forest and climbed up to the first of four major summits we were going to cross on our journey to Osoyoos. Wilson hit his rhythm and got all ten cylinders pumping as we rose up to 6000 feet only to test the brakes descending quickly into the next valley in order to repeat the process once again.

In the higher altitudes, a monoculture of firs surrounded the rocks and frozen lakes along roads lined with a lacing of snow. As we dropped into the lower elevations, a more mixed forest would replace it with a show of color from the aspens and maples. Lots of passing going on. Us passing big slow lumbering semis and all of the smaller vehicles passing us. Regular passing lanes along the Crowsnest Highway would arise every 10 kilometers or so allowing those stuck behind a slower traveler an opportunity to get by.

It is that time of year where they are repairing bridges that need some kind of retrofitting. We were delayed on a couple of occasions waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear so we could go across on a single lane to the other side. Beautiful, beautiful countryside.

Little mountain towns to slow the pace every now and then

As we began the long, slow winding descent into Osoyoos, we found a pull out with a fantastic view of the valley below. This area is the desert of Canada. It is actually the northernmost extension of the Sonoran Desert that starts all the way down in Mexico. It is touted as the warmest climate in all of Canada and has a dedicated influx of Canadian “snowbirds” who overwinter here from colder areas of the country. In contrast to other recent stops along our trip, the RV sites are nearly full rather than emptying out. Still, the summer is the big season here with hot temperatures and lots of water activities on the 20 mile long lake that reaches down into the U.S. side of the border. Winter is still cold just not as cold as other parts of the frigid north.

We got ourselves parked up then took an hour long walk down the lakefront into the outskirts of the touristy downtown area. Nice promenade with fountains, artwork and benches to sit around in warmer times. We were tired from lots of driving, so we headed home for dinner and a few episodes of Breaking Bad.

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