Peace Arch

PJ’s retreat at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club began at 9:00 this morning. I drove her on over and left her at the door then took a few neighborhood streets over to the Peace Arch memorial that sits at the U.S., Canada border. I parked in front of a house on the curb and walked across the grass to the arch. A large group of uniformed Japanese students were posing in front of the memorial and admiring the gardens. I briefly stepped into the U.S. then returned to the car and decided to explore some more.

I set the GPS to lead me to the pier in White Rock. The drizzle and overcast kept things uncrowded but a few people were out and about. All parking in the beach area of White Rock is either permit only or pay to park. I grabbed a spot in a nearly empty beach lot and paid my fee then walked down the promenade to the pier.

The pier provided a beautiful view of the arch of bay that forms central White Rock. Houses are packed into every square inch of hillside much like Cardiff by the Sea. A pair of seals were acting out a courting ritual with one circling the other and slapping his fin on the water making a loud smack. A small group of people were lining the rail watching the pinniped show.

I could see large white rock that has given the community its name. I walked back to the promenade past the lone fisherman working his line. Over at the rock, I took a few photos. My parking time was running out, so I hustled back down the walkway to the car park and headed up the hill into the upper part of town.

I found a cool local eatery, Laura’s Coffee Corner, and was lucky enough to find an open seat in the very popular restaurant. I ate a frittata and sipped a chai tea until it was time to hike down the block to the Freemason’s Lodge for the noon AA meeting. It was well attended with over forty people filling the hall. A great meeting with some cool folks. Afterwards, a few people lingered and we talked a while before I returned to the car and went looking for a grocery store.

I picked up a few items then headed home to walk the dog and straighten out the RV. I lounged around, trapped inside by the rain, until it was time to get PJ. At the fish club, they have a salmon hatchery. There is a large pond covered with a net to deter the birds where the small fry get started. Large salmon are spawning in the stream that runs along the property. It was a cool thing to witness.

The evening was spent relaxing inside talking about our days and getting things together for tomorrow. PJ had a great day at the retreat while I was out goofing around. There was actually a few hours with no rain as the sun was setting behind the campground.

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