Whidbey Island

A quiet morning hanging around camp. Lots of phone calls to family and taking care of a few odds & ends around the RV. The rain and mist keep everything beautifully green. It also nourishes a wide variety of fungus and makes a perfect habitat for everyone’s favorite, the benevolent banana slug. My phone stopped charging yesterday, so around mid day we made a run into Oak Harbor and visited a Verizon store where the young man cleaned out the plug in the jack and that seemed to do the trick.

We thought we’d swing by the ferry landing in Coupeville and make arrangements for Friday, but they don’t take reservations at the ferry office, only online or by phone. Right next to the ferry sits Fort Casey, once home to battalions of troops guarding the Puget Sound. Now it is a conference center and a park. We pulled in next to the lighthouse and got out to explore the park.

A group of synchronized kite flyers were taking directions from the woman in the group shouting “up, over, loop” or whatever it was she was saying. The kites would take off in unison and do aerobatic gyrations in sync with one another. A falcon was hovering over the cliff waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike while a family of seals watched on from the ruffled waters of the sound. Batteries of cannons and bunkers were on display as we slowly ambled along the bluffs.

As we were watching the ferry disembark and begin its crossing of the straight, a large submarine caught our eye being guided out to sea by a set of sub tenders, small boats that lead it to deep water. Deer were grazing alongside the ever present short eared bunnies that ruled the promontory. We had amazing views of snow covered peaks towards Rainier and across the sound on the Olympic peninsula.

Down the road a bit farther there is a zen garden with statues and stones set up so we decided to go and have a stroll around the grounds of Earth Sanctuary. We wandered around until it was nearly dark sitting among the mini-Stonehenge like rock circles and spinning the dharma wheels by the stupa. It was a mellow way to end the day before heading back to Deception Pass for a relaxing dinner and quiet night in the nearly deserted campground.

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