Second Beach

A low key day hanging around the Quiluete Reservation. We placed the damp overhead mattress back outside in the sun along with a couple of spreads we used to protect them. Some surfers were showing their fortitude by catching waves in the freezing cold weather. It was 37 degrees mid morning while they were dropping in on the windy walls.

Head for higher ground!

We took a walk over to the harbor entrance but not many boats were going in or out. Seagulls ruled the passageway and a few locals pulled up in their cars and sat watching the rising wind ruffle the ocean surface. We decided to take a hike up the road to Second Beach and take the short forest trail down to the beach.

We passed through the sleepy ramshackle houses of La Push and trudged up the hill until we reached the trailhead then took the narrow dirt track down through the tall moss covered trees until it descended a set of carved in steps down to the driftwood choked beach below.

A mound of washed up trees had piled up over time at the end of the trail creating an obstacle to climb over in order to reach the beach. Another breathtaking landscape on this resplendent expanse of northwestern coastline. We clambered over the logs and walked along the small area of sand next to the wind worn point to the north. We sat on a comfortable log and just inhaled the sunny afternoon. PJ gathered up some litter from the beach and we toted it out to the bear proof trash barrels at the trailhead before walking back down to our camp.

We spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing everything in the RV. I removed the screens from the vent fans and cleaned out the mildew that had been accumulating on the underside of the vents. PJ used the blow dryer to evaporate the remaining moisture in the mattress then we put everything back together. The unglamorous side of the camping life that doesn’t make the headlines.

A clean vent is a happy vent

Dry and tidy

As sunset approached, Cali and I slid out of camp to shirk our duties and have a stroll along the beach. The dog needs to be walked, yes? We went to the far north then returned to the far south. Cali had to navigate a couple of creek crossings but she did a stellar job. The sun started its descent leaving behind a set of golden claw marks raking across the sky. There were still a few well rubbered surfers catching a final wave for the day as retired couples sauntered along the shore. A postcard perfect evening at La Push, WA.

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