Taking a Breather

When we woke this morning, there was a droning sound reverberating through the trees on the south end of the parqueo. After sipping some room service coffee delivered by the 24/7 Edgar, we walked over to have a look and in the marshy area by the trash bins a massive gathering of frogs were having an orgy in the swamp. They blew big bubbles out of their cheeks and made the loud call we were hearing.

As the heat of the day hadn’t quite arrived in full force, we continued on up the hill and around the few blocks of the neighborhood that lead up to the park entrance. There are a few cute boutique style hotels and some quaint restaurants. PJ, as always, gravitated towards the souvenir shacks. She found a little sundress that caught her eye and the shrewd salesgirl talked her into buying two to get the “especial price”. I stood and sweated as the fitting and transaction was taking place. We turned down our trail to the beach right at the entry gate to Manuel Antonio Park. There was still a decent trickle of visitors getting their bags searched for contraband bananas intended for the monkeys.

Park Entrance

We enjoyed a total lounge day, sitting on our patio watching the world go past. We are right where the beach path to the park begins and the touts and vendors start right here also. We can watch them work their magic on the passing crowds selling trinkets, water and hustling them to park in their designated pay parking areas. Lots of shouting and animated banter. The old coconut salesman called Abuelito sits across the street keeping an eye on the action. Horses clop by, tour buses disgorge their pasty cargo and an ever present stream of park patrons go walking by on the other side of the chain link fence.

The trail to the park is on the other side of the fence

Mango Season

I snuck in an afternoon surf on the small high tide waves out front. The only competition was a trio of 9 or 10 year girls with their surf instructors. I think I might have taken a third place spot. I got in a short nap afterwards then it was time to hit the beach to people watch and catch another brilliant Manuel Antonio sunset.

The casados last night were so fresh and tasty and we have taken a liking to Edgar, so we visited the hotel restaurant again for an equally scrumptious typical plate. Being Saturday, Edgar actually had a few more patrons tonight. There were four tables when we headed back to the room to relax. Wish him the best. Everyone is struggling with the financial effects of Covid.

3 thoughts on “Taking a Breather

  1. What is a casados??? What is that dark stuff on your plate??? PJ, I like your sundress!!! I hope Barb writes to you today. Love and kisses, Tutu


  2. What are casados? What’s the dark stuff on your plate? PJ, I like your sundress. I hope Karen writes to you today. Love and kisses. Meema


  3. Hi PJ and Mike ❤️ Love all the info and pictures. It makes me feel close to you!!
    Love the sun-dress! Miss you guy’s!


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